HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

My life thus far...

I weighed in this last Monday and I am up to 14.2 pounds lost so far! More than a Gabriel!!
I joined Pace Express and actually started *gasp* exercising.
That's really about all I've accomplished in the last 2 weeks.
I also saw X2 which totally rocked!! I love Nightcrawler!!!
I found a chebutykin on the couch when I got home this afternoon, so I threw The Osbournes in the DVD player & we watched the entire first season.
I've had a ton of wildlife sightings lately, and since I have a digital camera now...

First we have the blue heron that is almost always in the pond at work:

Next, we have a waddling woodchuck (he's kinda blurry due to being all the way across the pond):

Our third & final pond critter is Mr. Snapping Turtle. Apparently, had I felt like staying at work longer on the day I spotted him, I could have also seen some turtle love between him and Mrs. Snapping Turtle:

I've also been seeing critters in the mornings as I leave for work.
Last week a pair of wood ducks flew over my garage & into the neighbors tree as I was getting into my car. So I opened the sun roof & got pictures of both:

And last, but not least, this morning's visitor. He's kinda blurry cuz he was moving & I didn't want to get too close because rabies doesn't sound like fun:


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