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I've been so bad about updating lately!

The cabin weekend was fun. We couldn't take the boat out though because Rick's dad got a nifty new lift this year to raise it out of the water when it's not being used, and the lake receded leaving the boat on a lift in water too shallow. :(

But we played DDR & Burnout 3 & Apples to Apples & Killer Bunnies. I drank cider & other people drank beer.

We saw an amazingly beautiful sky full of more stars than I have ever seen and saw dozens of shooting stars.

I took lots of pictures with my new camera, getting the feel for it. I haven't uploaded them to the gallery yet, but when I do you can just be rest assured that I will spam y'all with them.

Unfortunately hellbob was dragged back to the real world when he got a call at 4am on Monday morning to go into work because of a virus. He's already put in over 40 hours this week, and it's only Wednesday.

I have an appointment to get the car's oil changed on Friday. hellbob pointed out that this would be a good thing to do if I am going to be driving it 2000 miles.

I leave a week from tomorrow!! In only 10 short days I will be touching James Marsters!!!

Gas prices suck! And of the states I'll be driving through, Minnesota is the cheapest. Illinois is the most expensive. I will not be buying any gas in Illinois!

I have 120 episodes of the Coverville podcast burned to CD so I can port them onto my iPod during the trip.

Tomorrow is the day I'll finally be doing that presentation at work to the department about flex time. *gulp* hellziggys don't like talking in front of groups of people. But I have graphs. Pretty graphs made in Illustrator. And lots of numbers. Cross your fingers & toes that we can get back some of our flex time!

I was attacked by vampires today. OK, maybe not attacked... Had a platelet donation appointment at MBC. I watched the DVD with the first two episodes of HBO's Carnivale. It was pretty good.

Clancy Brown. You know? Kurgan in Highlander? He's in Carnivale playing... get this... a priest! Weird!

My right knee is swollen. I have a feeling I jumped too hard or landed wrong while DDRing. Fooey.

There's a new episode of the Signal podcast up. 43 days to Serenity!

Hellziggy tired now. Nighty night.

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