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Hey kids, it's another links post!!

1. First, have you bought your copy of The Monster Engine yet?
hellbob & I got our copy in the mail about a week or so ago & it is just great! I sent Dave an email letting him know how much we liked it and I had also said how we had been so excited to see that it was done after seeing the previews when we were hanging out with him at ValleyCon.
Here's the email I just got from him yesterday: "Of course I remember you guys!... And the Romulan ale ; )
I had such fun at that con--wish they'd invite me back. I did see your review and bookmarked it. Very cool to have that as a memory as most of my night was a blur.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for pimping the book. I am really behind this 100% and have been so thankful to the bloggers of the world who seem to get my drift on this. I am painting a new one as we speak. It is very early in the painting so I'm not sure of the direction. It is based on a drawing of the hosts' kids of Jawbone radio. http://odeo.com/audio/51211/view
We did an interview a few months back.
In any event, if any Midwest cons need guests (I can't pay my way right now unfortunately--saving for a house) let me know.
Hopefully we'll hammer some Romulan ale again. Tell Rick I said hi and big thanks for his (as well as your) hospitality out there.

The book is cool and he's a nice guy, so go buy it!

2. "Hello, technical support"
All you geeks on my flist should get a kick out of this little animated movie!

3. Robokitty
And another cute little movie, this one about a cute little disabled cat managing to overcome his disability.

4. FedEx furniture
Tired of actually buying your furniture? Make your own!

5. t-shirts
When your punctuation gets horny, you get the Comma Sutra! Funny t-shirts here.

6. Cute l'il flash Spike cartoons

7. It's a Little Golden Book about Zogg! Be afraid. Be very afraid!

8. Some people have too much time on their hands and those people have cats. Then they put Stuff On My Cat

9. Cookie Monster is cutting back on the cookies & eating veggies. What else is going on over on Sesame Street?

10. If you're spending too much time playing with Google maps, why not look for stuff? It's a scavenger hunt!

11. Last, but certainly not least, Amazon sells sex toys! And not just the disguised as a massager Hitatchi Magic Wand either. They have a whole Sex and Sensuality section in their health & personal care sections that has everything from lube to sex swings. Amazon... Not just Harry Potter any more!

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