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Did I really need to know all that?

I took the car in for a pre-roadtrip oil change on Friday and when I was picking it up I politely asked P, the mechanic, "How's it going?"

Now, this is a guy who after we started going to him with our car we discovered that not only did his wife used to work at the same company where I am now, but she was in my department. She had quit shortly before I started so there are some people I work with who know her. I've never met her. I've never seen P outside of the shop. So the response to my polite "How's it going?"...

"It's alright, other than the fact that T and I are separated. I'd been staying in x's basement and now she has an apartment and I'm back at the house. She's going through a midlife crisis..." etc.
He was even talking about things like their sex life and stuff.

Do I really need to know this? Are we really that close? Just because I gave you $800 the last time my car was in does not mean we are at this level of sharing! I understand you are having a rough time and need someone to share with, but I'm not that someone!!!!

And of course he mentions twice not to tell C at work (P & his wife are friends w/ C & her husband). OK. You don't want C to know, but you're telling someone who is pretty much a complete stranger?
It was kinda uncomfortable for me, but hey, at least my oil got changed! :)

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