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Well, one more 10 hour day of work left this week, then I hit the road!
The car's oil has been changed.
All the useless crap has been cleaned out of the trunk and the back seat.
My birth certificate and my James Marsters ticket are both safely tucked away in my backpack, along with my Serenity mini-posters signed by Ron Glass (and will hopefully come home w/Adam Baldwin's signature on them!)
I've got my comic book autograph/sketch book.
I've got my camera and two fully charged batteries, and a compact flash drive to offload the pictures if I take too many.
There's a box of DVD's in the car.
I've got a power inverter to run electrical appliances in the car (read 'laptop').
The maps are in the car.
I've got an iPod, an overflowing iTunes library, and over 120 mp3 files of the podcast Coverville.
lucky13charm and I have a Plan. We will go to the Toronto Zoo Friday morning when we get to town too early to check into our room. There will be animals and it will be good!

Moose is ready for the trip. He's been practicing saying "eh" and "abooot". He's also been drinking lots of beer, but I think that may be because of the drinking problem he acquired when J took him to Mexico!

Unfortunately I've got a stuffed up snuffly nose. As I said to lucky13charm in an email this morning, I am Snotastic!

Rick's not coming with. :( It's been a while since I was away from him for so long. I will miss him oodles & tons, although he doesn't really believe this because I'm also very excited about the James Marsters thing. But I don't like being away from him for so long. I miss him and that makes me sad. Maybe I'll call him at every state border to tell him how much I miss him.

I will finally be adding Michigan to my postcard collection! That is the closest state that I was still missing!

Last weekend me & hellbob hit Ikea and found a bathroom light we really like. hellbob also discovered a fondness for lingonberries (and I have noooo idea if I spelled that right!)

I think I really need to see The Aristocrat. Of course if I laugh through all the wrongest parts, stoney321 will take credit for being the one who broke me. :)

Ah, current car insurance and AAA cards would be a useful thing to have before driving 1000 miles and leaving the country. :)

On Monday we will be a 4 cat house rather than a 2 cat house. Jules & Verne will be coming back from Indiana with frozendragon & us.

If I can finagle Monday off work we can take our time coming back. Chances are slim though.

I have school on Tuesday night! Advanced Photoshop!! Yay!

Now I must finish packing computer & stuff & actually be to bed by 12. Nighty night!
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