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Good Morning!

Last day in Toronto... It's been such a wonderful long weekend, even with the severe lack of sleep. We're getting ready to do a smidge of sightseeing (we haven't gone up in the CN Tower yet) We are also going to briefly hit the convention to hopefully actually catch Crispin Glover at his autograph booth. Then we will be wandering our way out of town, and out of the country.
We had the unexpected bonus this weekend of making a new friend (hi blond_bear!).
We were really impressed with James' manager Steve as he found ways to deal with things like the unplanned for mob of Elijah Woods fans congregated where we were supposed to be getting autographs with James.
We got to see James turn pretty red as a room full of people all sang Happy Birthday to him.
We got to talk to Adam Baldwin a couple times.
We discovered that I apparently don't need my brain to ask coherent questions.
Yeah, it was a good weekend, and now I get to head back home to my wonderful hellbob, who I still think should have come with because he would have had a lot of fun too!
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