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Toronto SFX, Part the Second: The Hallway Encounter

At this point we had each been awake for over 24 hours, other than short naps in the car. The shower made a world of difference in both our energy and our attitude. All showered & ready to go, we now needed to find food. When walking from the parking back to the hotel we had seen an Italian restaurant and decided that was what we needed. I threw my camera & stuff in my backpack and we were off. Since it was just the tail end of the lunch hour the restaurant was pretty empty, but they had a patio area so we opted to sit outside. The weather was GORGEOUS! It wasn’t too hot or muggy, but it was a little warm. There was a wonderful cool breeze though. Our good-looking waiter came on over and asked if he could bring us anything. My response was “I need wine!” So I got a nice glass of Chardonnay, and we each got some really yummy pasta.

We were just a block from the convention center at that point so we got our registration forms filled out, and went to stand in that line. It moved pretty quickly though. We gave them our pretty colorful Canadian money and they gave us a badge that would get us up to the upper level where most of the autograph tables and the dealers were. We instead opted to find the room that Adam Baldwin was in doing a Q & A, which had started about 1/2 hour before. The room was too small for someone as popular as him so there was also a crowd outside in the hall trying to listen.

This was one of the most fortuitous things to happen this weekend because while we were standing there we heard one girl come tell her friend that she’d seen James going from the PR room (right next door to the one Adam was in) to some other room. So of course this caught our attention. There was another girl there who was also frustrated at the not being able to hear Adam and we ended up just kind of standing in the hallway with her going “I can’t believe James was right over there and we didn’t see him!” So we kind of each decided in our fangirl way to hang out in the hallway in case he came back to the PR room.

While just hanging out we were chatting with this other girl. We said we had just driven 16 hours to get there, she said she had driven 10 minutes… This girl we were talking to turned out to be the lovely blond_bear, and we were hanging out with her for most of the rest of the weekend.

It was at this point that I heard one of the convention guys telling another one to “Go get James, he’s in the press room. Bring him down this hallway to the door at the end” This is the part of the story y’all have already heard, but really, you can’t hear it too often! We were standing there when James came by with his guitar. There were two or three guys with him. I’m sure one was Steve, his manager. I couldn’t tell you which one because as soon as I saw him, James was all I saw. After the encounter blond_bear & lucky13charm were just amazed at how calm and coherent I was, but I really wasn’t, it apparently just looked that way. Anyway, the way it’s fixed in my mind is kind of surreal. I didn’t see him walk up. I just glanced to my left and he was right there. He was wearing his black “pimp shirt” and carrying his guitar case. As he was walking past my brain was going “OMG! That’s him! He’s right there! OMG! OMG! Etc…” I had been thinking earlier in the weekend that I had to remember to say happy birthday when I got to meet him, but I hadn’t planned it or anything. I think I was as surprised as blond_bear & lucky13charm when I said in a calm normal voice “Happy Birthday, James.” At this point he had walked just a bit past me and he stopped and turned and smiled. It was one of those real smiles too, where the eyes crinkle. Then he said “Why, thank you love.” And he smiled again, and then turned to continue down the hallway to the room where the concert was gonna be. A couple seconds later we heard the yelling as he entered the room. It’s weird the way memory works. I didn’t realize until the photo shoot that his hair was longer now and brown. Of course I was looking at his face, looking him right in those beautiful eyes. *grin* So my brain just filled in the hair I knew he had (even if it was wrong). Also, that was the only time all weekend that we were standing on the same level, and I realized that we are about the same height. I checked online and he’s officially 5’11” tall. So, he’s just a smidge taller than my 5’ 9.5”.
This encounter was immediately followed by much squeeing and OMGing and “I can’t believe it!” blond_bear declared me to now be her hero!!
Since there was nothing else going on in the hallway, (and girls? Why didn’t we think of returning to that hallway at the end of the concert? How dumb are we?) we went to exchange our TicketBastard tickets for the convention’s Gold pass tickets for our Day of James! lucky13charm had left hers in her purse in the room, so as not to worry about losing it, but BB & I got ours traded in.
Then it was upstairs to check out the autograph area.

Oh so sleepy... am falling asleep. I'll update again later
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