HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

notmonochrome rocks!

A couple days ago she offered to match donations to FEMA approved aid organizations, up to $1000. She didn't expect to hit the $1000 mark. But her friends all rock as hard as she does. She also had some friends come on board as Anonymous Donors to match funds when hers run out.
So far, not even taking into account anyones employer matches, she's there have been almost $4000 donated! If you want to join in, she's matching anyone, not just her friends.

From her LJ:
FYI: My $1000 match has been exhausted (and along with it, my match's $1000), but Anonymous Donor #2 has a bit of money to match left.

Canadian Red Cross - $50 was turned into $150
Church World Services - $30 was turned into $90
American Friends Service Committee - $25 was turned into $75
America's Second Harvest - $25 was turned into $75
American Red Cross - $870 was turned into $2610

And that's not including Anonymous Donor #2 or the donations he or she is going to match.

If anyone else wants to put up money as a match incentive for others to donate, please let me know. Any amount, no matter how large or small, can make a world of difference in aid and inspire someone else to give. On Wednesday night I put up $1000 of my money figuring my match limit wouldn't get reached, but yesterday almost $4000 was given to FEMA approved aid organizations.

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