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So I had that occular migraine earlier today, and these things almost never lead to a migraine headache, but I think they don't combine well with the quitting of the caffeine, because I came home from school with a headache even though I bought a bottle of caffeine for class (my first one all day!) By the time class was over I had a raging headache.
Then I got home and realized that I had forgotten that we were getting genevra & akdar's old fridge delivered to us today, and so hellbob had had to take care of cleaning it off and emptying it and stuff. Then our old fridge went downstairs to replace the one in frozendragon's apartment that was so old it just might have been the first electric fridge, ever. Since the new fridge was bigger than the old one, this involved cutting a bigger hole in the wall. frozendragon got to see The Rick and Jim Show. The show consists of Rick saying "lets do it this way" then Jim (my dad) saying, "no, we should do it this way" and they both proceed to do it their way.
Now Rick had gone with dad to deliver some mattresses to the KalHouse. I'm thinking I should get to bed before my headache comes back.
Also, dewey921 was over visiting frozendragon, so I got to show her all my pretty James pics from Toronto. And yes, I got to tell about my Friday hallway encounter with James again! :) I also bestowed a copy of James' music on her with orders to buy the CD from his site if she falls in love with it.
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