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Dealing with insurance companies bites! I have Medica health insurance, and to get any kind of mental health coverage you have to go through United Behavioral Health. On the surface this seems like a good thing, because you will be dealing with someone who theoretically knows what's going on rather than just some phone answering lackey. Notice I said "theoretically"....
I've been diagnosed with depression for over 10 years, and ADD for about 4. Both these issues are under control and stable. I am ready to go postal every time I deal with UBH. How do those desperately in need of mental health ever get it???? I called UBH and said I needed to see someone, they gave me the numbers for 3 different places to call. So far so good. First number: there is a hold on all new patients for at least two weeks because they just had someone leave and are short staffed. Ok, sounds reasonable. On to the second number: I get a "we're busy, leave a message" so I do. They never called back, and when I called again later in the day the person I needed to speak to was gone for the day. Got her direct voicemail, but will not hold my breath waiting for that call. Well, at least they gave me three numbers to try: got a real person right away. Score! But wait, I've never been there before so she has to transfer me to someone else so I can register. I get transferred and a second real person answers. This is going too good to be true. So I tell her that I was transferred and I need to register because I've never been there. She sounds slightly confused and asks me for my member number. Crap! I tell her that I'm on my cell phone during lunch hour and don't have my Medica card with me. Long pause.... "Medica? This is Blue Cross/Blue Shield" Yup, somehow in calling the numbers that I was given through Medica's required process I ended up connected to BC/BS. Never did get an appointment anywhere. If I was an unstable sort of person looking for mental healthcare as I teetered on the edge of sanity I think this is about the point where I'd be cleaning the guns...
*sigh* Thank god I can just get a anti-depressant prescription from my regular doctor. I don't think I can handle the finding of a psychiatrist through UBH. I should have learned my lesson two years ago when I went to the psychiatrist they told me to for my prescriptions, then later got a huge bill. When I called about it they said it was so much because she wasn't a Medica provider. Luckily, when they referred me to her they noted it in their computers so they had to cover it... sigh....

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