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Toronto SFX, Part the Fifth: Questions & Answers.

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Part the Second here
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blond_bear had checked with the people right behind her in line and they had no problem with us jumping in line with her since they knew ahead of time. We were only in line about 1/2 hour, but we kept getting shushed for talking in normal to low voices because apparently our voices were carrying into the room where someone else's Q & A was going on. About half way through the wait they divided the Gold passes and the Stalker passes into two lines again, which left us very close to the front of our line.

When we got in we ended up splitting up from blond_bear because I opted to sit a little farther back so I could be right on the center aisle for taking photos. Shortly after we were all settled in James & Steve came in.

There was a mike up on stage for James, and one down to the right of the stage (stage left?) for us to ask questions from. Steve explained that we would just line up there to ask questions & James said “anything goes.”

No one headed up right away, and just as I was thinking “What the hell, I'll go first,” another girl also stood up & headed on up. BB took pretty good notes during the whole Q & A, which I plan on stealing as soon as she posts them. I couldn't even tell you what the first girl asked because I was taking pictures and trying not to be too nervous that not only would I be talking to James in a minute, but I would also be speaking in front of a room full of people! Y'all know how I love that!

Since I knew I would kick myself later if I was in the same room with a chance to ask a question and I didn't, I had been contemplating what to ask for about a month or so! Well, I was up there and got the mike, and was relatively calm and coherent! My question/answer with James went something like this, quoted/paraphrased to the best of my memory:
Me – “Hi James”
JM – “Hi.”
Me – “I drove all the way here from Minneapolis, and we've got a great theater there called the Guthrie”
JM – “Yeah, the Guthrie's great”
Me – “A couple of Joss's actors got their starts there. Ron Glass from Firefly & Serenity, and before that some little show called Barney Miller was there in the late 60's. Also, and I know I'm going to mangle his last name, Vincent Kartheiser (insert manglization of last name here)” [confused look on James' face] “Connor on Angel, he's from Minneapolis and was at the Guthrie for a while…”
JM – “Really? I didn't know that. I'm jealous!”
Me – “Also, a couple years ago we had Mercedes Ruehl and Patrick Stewart there doing an amazing version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe. So my question for you is, when can I see you at the Guthrie?”
JM – “As soon as they'll have me. The Guthrie has a great reputation. It has a better reputation than the [theater I don't remember the name of] in Chicago. The Guthrie kicks broadway's butt. But yeah, I'd have to wait at least 10 years though because I have kids and I can't be uprooting them and dragging them around the country.”
Me – “Minnesota is a beautiful, wonderful, safe place to raise children”
JM – laughs

He then talked a little more about how good the Guthrie's reputation is and that he would love to be on stage there someday if they'll have him. He also said that by the time he could commit to it he would be so old he'd be limited in the roles he could consider.
At that point I passed the mike back to the next person and went back to my seat. Yay! I was coherent and not nervous!

Some of the other questions that I remember are that his favorite movie is Apocalypse Now, although “Die Hard was really good.” And when asked if he prefers to be on top or bottom he said “I'm sorry ladies, but I have to say on top” We weren't really sure why he felt the need to apologize for that… He also talked for a bit about his role on this next season of Smallville. He'll be playing Brainiac, and his alter ego will be a college professor named Dr. Fine. He's contracted for 7-10 episodes.

One of the funnier moments was when a woman asked about Steve. The way she phrased it was like they were a couple even though Steve's just his manager. It was something like “You and Steve have been together for a while now. How did you get together.” James totally got the joking nature of the way it was asked and he said into the microphone, “So, how long have we been lovers, Steve?” Steve was just outside the room in the hall and obviously only heard his name in the questioning tone because he peeked his head in with a “What do you need?” look on his face only to be greeted by several hundred women laughing. James then proceeded to tell us that he had to fire two managers before finding Steve and that Steve was fair, honest, and you don't fuck with him.

The Q & A was over way to quickly, and we were left with a few hours before we needed to line up again for the autographs.
At this point it was about 2:00 so we needed food! Also, the shirt I was wearing was kind of warm, and pictures were done so we first headed back to me & lucky13charm hotel to change. I also threw Chiana in my backpack as well as Sandy's CF drive so that I could download all my photos and clear the cards for the evening. With just a quick glance at some of my Q&A pics, I was very happy.

We went to a restaurant that blond_bear said was pretty good and ate for the first time since breakfast that morning. After food, it was back to the Convention center. As we were walking there we ran into a guy that BB knew from work. He was leaving for the day and so he gave blond_bear his press pass. His two friends had them too so they gave us all three. I had a press pass! Although we never really did figure out any use for it.
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