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Test post

I've been using iJournal for my entries, pretty much since I got Chiana, but tags have been around for a few months now, and iJournal still doesn't have tags support. I have just started putting tags on my entries, but to do this I have to go back into the entry to edit it to add the tag. It's annoying, and the main reason I haven't really started using tags.
Today I decided to use my brain and see which other LJ clients are out there for Mac and I found Xjournal. It seems to have all the features I'm used to, plus tags and more stuff that I haven't looked at yet. This is my first post with it... We'll see how it goes...

*edit* and as part of my testing, this edit's sole purpose was to use the "edit last entry" function of the client. :)

*son of edit* I can also use this to edit old entries! Like, all of them. All the way back to 2002! This will be useful for my retroactive tagging. Three years of tags to add... Oy with the poodles already!
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