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We wish you a merry Christmas....

I am just feeling so darn accomplished today.
I'm almost done with the annual Christmas letter! Before you congratulate me on being ahead of the game, maybe I should mention that this is our 1999 Christmas letter... We've kind of slacked of the last few years. But gosh darn it, I'm gonna finish this thing & send out Christmas cards in August. I love getting Christmas letters, so I will force mine upon everyone else! Can you get Christmas stamps in August??
We have a date set for our end of summer BBQ, and if I get really organized we can even put invites for that in with the Christmas cards. I also have a date set for me & chebutykin to go to the zoo! I have a telephoto lens now and my darkroom is up and running so I need to take b & w pictures of zoo critters! Besides, I wanna see the Minnesota Zoo's new tiger enclosure.
And I found free puppies for my friend Tom to give one to his daughter for her birthday. I love puppies!
And I finally balanced the checkbook. It had been 3 weeks which is just way to long. So all my bills are paid. Including tuition, since school starts next Tuesday. :)
After 2 days of not being able to accomplish anything but laying on the couch feeling like hell it's nice to get stuff done.
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