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From this STrib article on the storms http://www.startribune.com/stories/127/5628282.html :
“A house at 139th Lane NW. and Olive Street NW. in Andover was half gone. Houses nearby were missing garage doors, and portions of their roofs had collapsed.

In adjacent areas, large branches and trees were strewn across lawns and driveways.

"It sounded like a train coming through," said Andover resident Floyd Przybilla.

He said a shed was thrown one way, and the wind threw a freestanding basketball backboard from the front yard into the back yard. Yards nearby were littered with trees and roofing materials.”

Floyd is Rick’s step-sister’s husband (step-brother-in-law?) and his address is 139xx Olive St, so if it isn’t their house that is half gone it is an immediate neighbor.

Would someone please ask the gods to stop f**king with my in-laws!!!!

*edit* Rick just talked to Floyd. Theirs was the only house untouched! Just a lot of debris & crap on the lawn. *whew*

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