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Toronto SFX, Part the Seventh: A Strange Man and the Concert

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We had a fair amount of time still before the concert so we decided to get another bite to eat. blond_bear knew where there was a Harvey’s, which is one of their local fast food places. She told us where it was so that lucky13charm & I could stop at the hotel to drop of our signed pics & Chiana so that we wouldn’t have to worry about any of them being damaged. That was just a quick stop and we were off to the restaurant to find blond_bear, hazeldean, and Maggie.

But, on the way to the hotel we had an odd sighting. As we were standing on the corner waiting to cross a guy walked up and was looking at the traffic to cross. Me & lucky13charm looked at each other at pretty much the same time and said “That’s Crispin Glover!”

The guy then saw that there wasn’t any traffic coming and scurried across the street even though the light was still red. It’s not often that the description “scurried” can be used so completely accurately! He is one strange guy, from all I’ve read.

Unfortunately it was drizzling a little bit outside so for pretty much the first time all day, my camera was in my backpack instead of around my neck. By the time I got it out to take a picture of him he was partly across the street and I didn’t have time to set the exposure so it ended up being about a 4 second exposure. The picture came out very odd and surreal, and yet an utterly perfect depiction of this strange man (not that you can tell there is a person in it!)

After dropping the stuff off at the hotel we met up with the girls at Harvey’s and had a light snack before the concert.

When we got back to the Convention Center we figured we would just be hanging out in the halls somewhere until we could get into line for the concert, but the room was open with people in it. A woman named Kimber was leading a discussion of various things like fan fiction. I may have sort of outed myself to a room full of strangers about what kind of fanfic I like to read…hee hee!
Because the VIPs had priority seating, shortly before the concert was gonna start all us gold passes had to stand up & move back so any VIPs who had come in could get their seats & then we got to sit back down. We were just a row or two further back than we had been for the Q & A, and again I chose to be on the center aisle for going up to take photos. I only took about 125-150 or so…

The concert was so good! James was wearing his black “pimp shirt” and he seemed really happy and relaxed. I suck at remembering set lists, so I grabbed this from the More Than Spike forum:

1. Every Man
2. This Town
3. Angel
4. Over Now
5. Birth of the Blues
6. Smile
7. Civilized Man
8. Goodbye
9. Bad
10. Dangerous
11. For What I Need
12. Louise
13. Finer than Gold

Of course, the concert was way too short! But it was also absolutely fabulous.

After James was done and he was heading out of the room, Steve called him back to stage and told him about the big birthday cake he had planned to have there for him. As he said that James, who was off mike, said something to Steve. Steve told us that what he had just said was “You fucker.” Steve then told James that since there was no cake, he would get to stand there while we all sang to him.

And he stood there looking very embarrassed and turning red as a room full of people all sang Happy Birthday.

Then he thanked us all again & left.

When we filed out after the concert we said our goodbyes to blond_bear since we had no James events the next day. I also exchanged addresses with her since I had promised to send her all the pictures I took because she only had a film camera, and because she had given me a CD with some Ghost of the Robot songs I didn’t have yet!

Then lucky13charm and I headed back to the hotel and made our plans for the next day.
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