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Don't you just hate it when you have to find a new dealer?

I had an appointment today with my Ritalin dealer psychiatrist and I found out that he is retiring. *sigh* I actually have a doctor I like, he's all of 10 minutes from my house, he actually deals with a fair amount of ADD people, and now I have to find someone new. Can't even just switch to someone else there because he's the only one at that office with prescribing power.
So now I have to find a new Medica approved shrink, wait forever to see them, because first appointments are always months out, and hope that I like them. In the mean time he said to call the office in about 3 weeks when he will still be there, but it's within the time frame that a new prescription can be written and they will mail me a prescription to get me through the next month.
I have to make an appointment for a physical at the Gen Practitioner anyway because the ADD clinic recommended that I have my thyroid levels checked, so I can see if that doc will cover me for meds until I get a new shrink. Bleah. What a pain in the ass!
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