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Hey everyone! Isn't it just a beautiful Monday morning?

Ok. That's enough of faking that cheerful crap! My weekend was fair to mediocre. Friday was Serenity with hellbob, passaddhi, Passaddhi Roomate, lucky13charm and a buncha people we ran into there like 7thstranger, mle292, squeaky, michaellee, frozendragon... (yes, I got tired of coding the funky lj name links! I'm at work, no LJ client, deal with it!)
The movie was Shiny & every bit as good as I remembered. Again, I do have a Serenity filter for any and all post/comments with spoilers. Anyone spoiling the movie in an unlocked thread on my LJ will be flogged. Unless they enjoy being flogged. Then the punishment will be to not be flogged. Anyway, if you've seen it and not seen a flocked spoiler post comment to be added to the filter. After the movie hellbob took his tired old but home and I joined mle, 7th, and crew at TGIFridays for post movie munchies & chatter wherein we discussed the furry's dream job, porn, and other wonderful things.
Saturday I felt like crap. Nothin' specific. No headache, nausea, etc. Just felt off. Slept most of the day. Apparently while I was sleeping hellbob talked to me on three separate occasions and I have absolutely NO recollection of it. We're talking beer/Yukon Jack/Tequila/other stuff all in one night levels of no recollection. (Without the drinking, or hangover)
Sunday I was feeling a bit better but still no energy. I did fold & put away laundry. Hellbob will tell you that this is an amazing feat in and of itself.
And now it's Monday. And I'm at work. And I don't want to be.
But I think I am going to join the photo_speakeasy crew for some shooting tonight maybe. And tomorrow is school, and Wednesday I'm going to a free preview of W & G Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Thursday I'm going to a free preview of Waiting... and then it is Friday.
I have to get my butt going on my next photoshop assignment. The assignment is "movement." I've got some ideas I'm working on... I also have to finish my Toronto recaps. All I have left is the last day in Toronto & the drive home, so just the one post. Then I will likely go backdate the entries so they are grouped together.
Now, lunch is over, back to work!
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