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How many people are in that room?

I've got two people sharing my room with me at OmegaCon this year. This got me started thinking.

The first year of OmegaCon I didn't stay at the hotel, thus had 0 people in my room.

The second year I stayed by myself, so 1 person in my room.

Last year (the 3rd year) I shared the room with one person, so 2 people in my room.

This year, 2 people sharing w/me, so 3 people in my room.

At this rate the room is gonna be darn crowded by the time we get to the 10th Omegacon!

At least I know the full real names of everyone in the room this year so I won't have to tell the desk clerk when I'm checking in that "yes, there is someone else in the room. His name? Ummm. I don't know his last name..."
Tags: babble, conventions

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