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"OK. Um, once upon a time..."

"OK. Um, once upon a time, there was this kitty. [scoops up Miss Kitty Fantastico] She was all alone and little and nobody wanted her."

Does anyone want a cute adorable cat to hang out with them for a day?

We're going to have to have the cats out of the house for a day, just while we're at work. Gabriel needs his teeth cleaned anyway, so I should be able to coordinate it for that day, but I don't know where Lumpy is going to spend her day.
She pretty much doesn't like any other animals. (Not even Gabriel!) And she's also not fond of little people. But if you have a comfy blanket she generally spends about 25 hours a day sleeping and she's very quiet and small.

So, anyone wanna Lump sit? It would most likely be towards the end of next week.
Tags: cats, life

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