HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

Well, our Gabriel cat came through his vet appointment yesterday safe and mostly sound. They ended up having to extract two of his teeth. His teeth get really bad because he doesn't use them, he just inhales his food. So at least the loss of 2 more teeth won't impare his ability to eat!
The vet also removed a lump that had grown on his nose. She couldn't tell without sending it in if it is cancerous or not, but she seemed to think that it was pretty well contained to the one area.
Gabriel is one frickin' expensive cat! Yesterday's visit cost us $520 and that's on top of the $150 spent for pre-surgery bloodwork and antibiotics.
He was pretty loopy & drooly last night, but today he was moving fine and was curled up on my lap purring.
Poor expensive kitty!
Tags: cats

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