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Quick weekend review:
Didn't get to my platelet apherisis appointment on Friday because of a combination of leaving work late, rain, and construction on Hwy 62. Will have to call and reschedule with the vampires. I hit the 3 gallon mark last time I was there! So I came home, wandered aimlessly about the house, then picked hellbob up at work. We decided on the way home that we should see Bruce Almighty. It was pretty funny. It did get preachy at the end, but when one of the main characters is god you should pretty much expect that.
Saturday afternoon I went with Jeanine to look at dogs. We spun through the Humane Society and looked at their dogs. Cuddled an absolutely adorable 8 week old Afghan Hound. His legs were so long! Then we headed to the Greyhound festival in Little Canada because she is looking at adopting a retired racing greyhound. There were so many pretty dogs there! But the one Jeanine was going to see wasn't gonna work out for her. Then I came home to get ready for the Dixie Chicks concert. I have pictures, but I'm feeling to lazy to deal with posting them! Maybe later. The concert was really good, and it was a pretty cool stage show, but the more I think about it, the more it feels like they saw Peter Gabriel in concert and said "Lets do that!" There were a lot of similarities, and it was good, but not quite as elaborate as Peter Gabriel's.
Sunday was Jason's annual birthday swimming party. His mom & stepdad had cranked the heater on the pool in preperation for less than optimal swimming weather, so even though it was a little cool out, the pool felt great! Again, I have pictures but am still too lazy to post them. You have never seen so much pasty white flesh as when a bunch of computer geeks go swimming! As far as I know, the parents didn't get stoned this year.

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