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I'm ba-a-a-ck!

I'm home from OmegaCon.
I logged on to check my email (over 48 hours with no internets! egads!) and learned that I got an award! Yay me!
Last week's PhotoShop challenge was "Exotic Spike" and one of my entries was THIS manip of Spike as a Native American.
The challenges are just for fun and there are no prizes other than a nifty banner graphic that says you won but they are fun to do and they help hone my photoshop skills.

And now I have this nifty thing:

I'm feeling really proud of myself for this one because there were some phenomenal entries this week, and there were a LOT of them! (Over 50 of them!)
So yeah, only 3 winners and 3 runners-up. I'm happy! :)
Tags: art, convention, photoshop, spike

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