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Shiny Food is Good Food!

Home from another fabulous OmegaCon. It was lucky13charm's first one and she didn't seem too terrified of the geeks.
Some random phrases & stuff from the weekend:

Me, after smelling a glass of bourbon - "Oh my god! It smells like my mother!"

Slutty Pippi Longstocking

"It's like leprosy, only fun."

About a picture of a man in a loincloth - "When you move, his nipples follow you..."

"He killed a lot of whores." - this was the Salad Bowl clue given for Jack the Ripper.

There was a picture of Godzilla on our hotel room wall, until you turned on the lights, then it was a Ruffed Grouse.

This year's video game obsession? Crack Ball, aka Katamari Domacy. I did not play, therefore I did not get trapped in one room all weekend.

Dippy the retarded deer.

Prime Rib is finger food.

Number of sets of pajama I went to OmegaCon with? 3
Number of sets that I came home with? 4

"What happens at OmegaCon stays at OmegaCon."

Comic book coloring as performance art.

Just for 7thstranger - "Oh, oh Geoffrey, right there. You've got it." Hee hee hee! mhuot has the FTP for the site up, so I shall have to get that mp3 out there for everyone to enjoy. *insert evil laugh*

There will be pictures and stuff tomorrow.
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