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This is a hellbob-free zone!

Rick got a call on Saturday from his boss asking if he would fly out to Phoenix with a co-worker first thing Monday to fix a problem at a site. This doesn't really sound to unusual until you consider that hellbob does second level phone support! Apparently there was some problem that annoyed someone important enough that they will waste a ton of money flying two people in. When I talked to HB this afternoon his summary of Phoenix in June was "It's hot"
I mostly remember telling him goodbye this morning at 5am. He'd tried suggesting that his "loving wife" drive him to the airport. Ha! This wife don't love anyone at 5am! Besides, he can expense the parking and it's not that expensive for only one night.
Of course, we had been planning on dinner with his dad & step-mom for tonight, so since he was gone they took me out to dinner instead of coming over here! TGIFridays has a VERY yummy salad called Strawberry Fields. Yum! And good for you too!
Hopefully I'll be able to sleep without someone hogging the bed & stealing the covers! He'll be home late tomorrow night.

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