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I feel so organized. My digital camera automatically uploads to new folders with the shooting date for the name, and I have many subfolders to catagorize so that in theory I can find any picture (it's just amazing how many that "cats" folder has!) There had been some serious slackage going on since shortly before Memorial day and I finally did something about it! No more miscellaneous date names haunting me when I go browse. They are all hidden away in their happy little categories! :)
It takes so little to make me happy. Now if only Hellbob could figure out our print server issue so I could print from my computer instead of having to tractor beam everything over to his & print from there. Having an english print driver instead of french might be useful too! It's an adventure trying to change settings when it is in a foreign language. And, as long as I am being greedy, I want him to hook up my cd burner also.

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