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"Entymology textbook. Grissom gave it to me last Christmas. When I can't sleep, I read."

OK people. I did it. I actually finished a Christmas letter. This isn't the tough part because that has been done before... Now I need to get peoples names & addresses into the computer to print labels. (Believe me people, hand writing them is not an option. It isn't pretty. Me handwriting not so good) and then get the letters & cards into envelopes, theoretically with at least a short handwritten note, but hand signed at the very least...
If you had replied that you wanted my smut mix CD, then I will likely be lazy and mail it as a two for one. If you just wanted the smut CD and not the Christmas letter you are shit outta luck, cuz you are getting both!
Here's the interactive part. I'm gonna do a poll. If you want mail you will fill it out with your real name and mailing address. Then I will either mail you stuff, or stalk you. If you are lucky I'll do both. I'm mostly harmless, and since our backyard is mostly clay it is not very conducive to burying the bodies.

Poll #621435 Gimme your address!

Where should I go to stalk you?

*edit* frozendragon wins for the best answer... just two words, "the basement" *grin*
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