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The fun just never ends...

More photos:

There are from the Dixie Chicks concert.
This first one is an overview of the cool stage setup:

Two more of the stage. Unfornunately, even though it was set up in the middle and they did go around it quite a bit, the few times they stood together it seemed they always faced the same way. I guess they had a definite idea of which way was front, and it wasn't where we were.

The opening act was Joan Osborne, and she was pretty good, even though I didn't know any of her music except the "If God Was one of Us" song. She also came back out for one song with the Chicks. Here she is w/Natalie.

And here is one shot each of the chicks:



I love my digital camera! These were all shot from row 26, which is the last row of the lower level.

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