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Woo hoo! I have a date next Thursday!
hee hee
Our friend Jeanine's work holiday party...
I did tell her that I don't put out on the first date though. :)

Her boss goes all out. We'll be having dinner at Forepaugh's in St. Paul.
Two years ago she took hellbob as her date. There's one wife that Jeanine's not really fond of who last year made a snide comment along the lines of "Oh, that's right. Last year you brought your "friend" who was married," kind of like she suspected that Jeanine & hellbob were having an affair. So while she doesn't want to spend any extra time chatting with this woman, she does want to make sure to at least mention "yeah, you met her husband two years ago..." just because the woman shouldn't be allowed to assume that she can't be friends with a married man.

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