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Yay! Grr! Yay! Grr! I am bi-polar girl today.

I'm having a cranky, crabby, crappy day, surrounded by lots of giddy, geeky fangirlness.

The video of James Marsters' London performances is for sale on the English site: http://www.jamesmarsterslive.com/
They also have a short video clip of him backstage performing that will only be on the site for a week: http://www.jamesmarsterslive.com/extra.shtml

If you're in America and want to order it, you don't have to order it from England. According to an email I got from Steve in regards to if it would be available here in the states: "Yes, our webmaster at www.jamesmarsters.com is just a little slower - stay tuned for all the details!" That Steve Himber is one verbose bastard, isn't he? hee hee. I think that just may be one of the longest emails he's ever sent me. :)

And of course, the Wil Wheaton podcast I mentioned last post: http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/wwdnbackup/2005/12/radio_free_burr.html

I've listened to it now & I really liked it. I've got lots of geeky fangirl love for Wil. I love his writing, and having already listened to the audio version of "Just A Geek" I already knew I liked hearing him speak. The podcast was very fun and unrehearsed, much like his writing. There was one bad thing about it though, in that it was too short!!

Work is kind of sucking today because I've had too many distractions and interuptions so I feel like I've done nothing. And actually I've done a little bit more than nothing. But not as much as I should have, or could have. OK work people, when I am done with lunch the headphones are going on. The music will be loud.
(emails from lucky13charm still welcome, of course. They may just not be answered in a timely manner...)

*edited to add:*

Oh yeah, and Gear Daddies!!!

Got an email from the Porn Queen:

WED DEC 28 2005 DRS 8PM

General admission/standing room only
US $26.00 - US $28.00

21+ show

I really wanna go! I have no money for tickets until at least Monday because I have no money.
Niki here at work is seriously considering it because she is getting married on 12-31, has never seen the Gear Daddies live, and will seriously need stress relief at that point.
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