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I think there is an army of Snot Monsters on the horizon

I woke up feeling vaguely snuffly. I sense an impending doom cold. Urgh.
Oh well, it happens at least once every winter.

It snowing today. As in great big-ass fluffy SNOW. So pretty! From the windows, at least... probably not so much from the roads.

Erik managed to procure us two of these. Yup, sitting on my kitchen counter right now I have bottles of sodapop in the flavors: Turkey & Gravy, Corn on the Cob, Broccoli Casserole, Smoked Salmon Pate, and Pecan Pie.

Jones Soda came out with the Turkey & Gravy flavor for Thanksgiving in 2003 and because of the overwhelming popularity they did a five flavor Thanksgiving pack last year. I didn't hear about it until it was impossible to find.

This year I thought there was no hope because I didn't hear about them until after they'd been out a few weeks but Erik had just seen the regional packs at his local SA so we asked him to get us two. One for me & hellbob to open up and taste, and one for us to either hang onto as a weird novelty or to sell on ebay if the going price is higher than retail.

I got MonkeyCuddles yesterday!
After work I went right to genevra's house and was climbed on by the GiggleMonkey and the TechnoMonkey.

lucky13charm also joined us and we played with the twins and laughed at Serenity done by hand puppets. Since it is the plot of the Serenity movie, there are obviously spoilers in there!

We also listened to the sex music CDs because when genevra looked at the list of songs on the one mle292 made she was like "Weird Al? There's a Weird Al song on a sex mix?" So of course I said she had to listen to it, which led to us playing all three discs (although she had control of the remote so if she didn't care for a song she would skip to the next...)

And when talking about podcasts and also how much we all love dakegra's voice & accent we discovered that lucky13charm hadn't heard his reading of The Gruffalo, or the time he did a BeanCast. Yup, that little Eddie Bean has the cutest little voice, all British sounding and such. :)

And then I came home and slept and woke up all snuffley.

I don't have a husband this weekend because it is Geek Boy Gaming Weekend. hellbob, akdar, mhuot, and many others are all huddled in front of their computers in mhuot's basement eating junk food and shooting at each other.

Bleah. I feel like a nap.
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