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I feel like I had important things to say last night, but I never did an entry.
I got home & heated up a bowl of lucky13charm's delicious homemade soup that she delivered to me at work and right after promptly fell asleep in the recliner. Hey lucky, did you drug the soup??
So I woke up at about 9 pm and stumbled into the bedroom. I'm relatively sure that hellbob came home at some point since he was there in the morning but I couldn't tell you when.

Zoo news: from bombalurina's LJ (passaddhi & lucky13charm you should friend her. She volunteers at the zoo & posts the zoo news she gets)
"Four Slender-tailed meerkats were born 29 November" Baby meerkats!! *squee!!*

Hey chebutykin, octopii!!!!!
"Work on the octopus exhibit continues. The exhibit could possibly be ready by Christmas but due to culturing issues, may not open until the first of the year"

Moose went a-visiting today. Yesterday I was packing up a box of checks here to send down to lucky13charm and a certain little moose found his way into the box. I knew he arrived safely when I got an email that just said "MOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" in big letters. *grin*

Busy weekend coming up: Dinner at Forepaugh's tonight with Jeanine (and yes, I will have her take a picture of me in my new outfit), midnight show of Narnia tomorrow, Mason Jennings concert on Saturday night, and pretty gay cowboys on Sunday with lucky13charm and nicepersonality
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