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Isn't my stuff worth anything???

Grrrrrr. Someone "broke" into the garage last night (it's detatched, and not locked) and went through our cars.

They didn't take anything though that we could tell. hellbob had a bit of a heart attack at seeing the empty camera bag, but the Rebel was safely tucked away inside my backpack in the house.

I don't know what these people were looking for, but they ignored ~$400 worth of camera lenses. Other stuff they didn't want were: tripod, DVD player (doesn't work, but they wouldn't know that), cell phone, iPod charger (Aeryn was also safe in the house), power inverter, etc.

I didn't check, but I'm betting my $0.90 cents in change is probably gone...

It looks like they systematically went through the entire car, but didn't take anything.
They even went through the glovebox.
After leaving our garage the footprints headed through the back yard to the neighbors.


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