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A good day

Went into work for only an hour because there was a meeting that was rescheduled after I took my time off. Didn't have to go in, but was an hour and change short on my vacation time so I decided to anyway.
W00t!! We got our flex Fridays back!! We have to work a minimum of 6 hours on Fri instead of the 4 it previously had been, but we get to do it every week instead of one out of every four!!!

After leaving work I went to genevra's house and my daddy came over too and we took the TechnoMonkey and GiggleMonkey to the downtown Dayton's Christmas display. Cinderella this year. GiggleMonkey LOVED it! She was just mesmerized by the moving figures.

Then I came home & snowblowed the driveway, took a nap, and now hellbob & I are going to see a free movie preview!!!
Tags: monkeys, movies, work

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