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Monkeys & Smut

This morning was chebutykin & friend's semi-private King Kong showing.

8:15 am is a tad early for a 3 hour movie, but it was worth it! Yes, King Kong is an ape, not a monkey. But I wore my monkey pajamas to the movie anyway! And I was comfortable, so there!

I also had a stack of the Smut Mix Disc that I brought in case I saw any of the people who wanted it. Luckily I brought extras because I handed them out to some other people too.

The smut has now been successfully delivered to mle292, 7thstranger, genevra/tacoz4gir, vorrant, realsarah, lucky13charm, chebutykin, and davedujour. :)
I know Dave's already working on a disc in response. How 'bout the rest of you? It appears that I have 6 more to send, and I'll just put it in with the Christmas cards for those folks. Gotta go to bed now... I fell asleep while typing so that could be a sign...
Tags: friends, movies, music

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