HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

I'm back, baby!

Well, Chiana is back online. We'll need to figure out the secure wireless thing later. mhuot, hellbob will probably be calling you for help on how to get both Chiana and his laptop to play at the same time.

I'm snuffly and drippy and coughy. genevra, I blame you!!!

Christmas at my parents house tomorrow.

I'm busy scanning pictures of Rick's sister's family so she can have them since she lost all hers in the fire.

Christmas cards won't get out before Christmas but I think they'll be out before New Years.

We've gotten some cards from all our wonderful internets friends: kokopellinelli, caitirin & elaby, and mcbarnes1970.

I think all our shopping is done. Yes, really. All of it. And it's not even Christmas eve until tomorrow!

Guess what I'm doing on Wednesday! I'm gonna go see the Gear Daddies!! And City Pages is paying for it!!! Yay! I likes winning things!
Tags: computer, mac

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