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Long day... Work always seems to last longer when you're not feeling well. At least my voice sounds like pure shit so if I were to call in tomorrow no one could suspect me of faking it. And if I get to work and decide I can't deal with it I can always try to bail out after my doctor appointment. So I'll be in to work at about 7:00 and then have to leave at 8:00 to go to the doctor. I would just sleep in, but I don't want to deal with making up any more time than I have to. Dr. R better give me some of that lovely codeine cough syrup!

Tomorrow night is The Gear Daddies!!! Barry Manilow!!! with mle292, 7thstranger, and Jeanine! And Jeanine won two tickets from Drive 105, so we ALL get to go for free! Yay! No matter how crappy I'm feeling I can't miss a free Gear Daddies show! And since the clubs are non-smoking now I don't need to worry about the smoke making my throat worse.

I am hellbobless tonight. He's up north with his sister to visit his grandma and to go to Mrs. Marko's wake and/or funeral. Poor HB. *sigh* But on a happier note, there is no way that even 10 years ago he could have gone up north with his sister because they wouldn't have been able to stand spending that much time together. In the last few years, they've managed to actually become *gasp* friends!

Things to do before the new year:
1. submit flex spending reimbursement forms Yay for getting tax-free money back! Boo for the price of meds!
2. get holiday cards ready to mail
2.5. mail holiday cards
3. submit entries for NAPP's Digital Canvas awards
4. grow new lungs to replace the ones horked up
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