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"My insurance does not cover PMS!"

I'm filling out the medical flex reimbursement forms for me & hellbob, since there's less than a week left in the year. I know, but procrastination is my middle name...
So at the end of the year last year I figured that since hellbob decided to go be diabetic and all that we really should do a substantial amount in the flex spending. I added up the costs of his prescriptions and mine and figured $800 was a good number. Close enough to prescription costs that we'd be guaranteed to use it.
We'd submitted a claim back in May that included his new glasses & contacts also. Adding that claim with the ones I just filled out it comes to $961! That is only prescriptions plus the vision stuff. That doesn't include any prescription receipts that didn't make it onto the designated pile, or any office visit co-pays, or any OTC drugs. Damn. Even without the vision stuff and JUST prescriptions, we were only a office co-pay or two from using the whole amount.
I don't know how anyone who doesn't have insurance pays for drugs. We've got decent insurance and are reasonably healthy and we spent almost a grand this year. Granted, a large chunk of that is the diabetes stuff, but still...
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