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Happy Nude Year!!!

I didn't thinki I was that drunk until my fingers started trying to type. Lots of backspacing going on here. It's 3 am and hellbob & I just got home from the neighbors house. We dorve there! Yep. they are about 100 feet away and we dorve. In our defence, they are through the back yard and we got almo0st a foot of snow yesterday. If they were on our street we would have walked.

I had 5 ciders & a bit of champagne, but I gbuess it's hitting me now.

I got to kiss Mr. hellbob at midnightish. We figured that since we didn't have a tv on it was midnight whenever we were ready for it to be which i think was actually ab out 12:05 or 12:10. Oh well.

We also brought the jones holiday sodas with us. That's a story in and of itself that will wait until tomorrow when i am sober and can type in english!

Now i am going to play a round or two of We Love Katamari before going to bed to snog my Hellbob!

Happy New Year, y'all!!!!!!!

Tags: drunk, life

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