HellZiggy (hellziggy) wrote,

A waaaaaaaaaay procrastinated upon 5 questions from swnoble

1> Tell me something about you and Art
Art was a friend of Rick's in college. Him & his wife Marnie moved down here to the Cities a couple years ago, and they have a very cute little baby girl. Oh, wait, did you mean Art like painting and stuff??? Hee hee. My favorite kind of art is photography. I have the bestest daddy in the entire world because he built me a darkroom in the basement of my house. I have recently, in the last few years, discovered that I have a smidge of talent when it comes to drawing also. Not as much as some people who might live in my basement, but more than a lot of people.
2> What's your most favorite cat story?
When I was in junior high we had a cat named Lillie who had kittens. The father was a stray cat who lived in the neighborhood. We couldn't think of any good cat names so we called the kittens Rover, Lassie, Fido, and Spot. We got to keep two of them-Lassie & Spot. Lassie was dumb as a rock! Of course, we suspect that the reason he was so dumb was that the stray cat who was his father was also Lillie's father. So Lassie's dad was also his grandpa! Oh, and Lillie didn't want to sit still when she was in labor unless I sat with her, so I got to see the kittens being born. It was kinda icky in a cool sort of way.
3> Tell me something cool about growing up in New York
I don't remember much about it. We moved to Minnesota (mom & dad are both from here. They were in NY cuz that's where IBM had sent him) the summer between kindergarten and first grade. One thing I don't remember that I wish I did was that our neighbor had an actual honest-to-gosh lion. There is a picture of me, dad, and some neighbor kid petting it's tummy. It was just a kitten at the time (about the size of a large spaniel).
4> Do you own anything that's 50 years or older/ If so what is it?
Yes. We have some books that are from the 1800's. They are about music & composers. We got them from Rick's dad when he sold his house. I also have a photograph of a Lady Slipper that was printed in about 1908. I don't have it yet since mom & dad are still alive, but I will be inheriting a 1913 gold coin that is mounted in a necklace setting. Grandpa got it for Grandma because that was the year they got married. I got to wear it for my wedding.
5> What's the best AND the worst advice your mother(or other significant relative) gave you?
Mom wasn't much for advice. The best thing I learned from her was that smoking is very icky. Unfortunately I learned this from living with a 2 pack a day smoker. The only reason she hasn't gotten lung cancer is that she comes from very healthy stock. The worst advice she ever gave me is when she came up to Fargo to tell me & Rick that she didn't think we were ready to get married. We didn't listen to her, and after almost 9 years it is still happily ever after.

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