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Brokeback Mountain

Way back before it opened here in the Cities, one of y'all had posted a link to an LJ post with a review of Brokeback Mountain. I wasn't smart enough to bookmark it... If it was you, could you point me that way again?

In related news, I just got this email from J. who is going with me and lucky13charm tonight. (7:30! Southdale!)

I'm reading reviews of Brokeback Mt. Here are some highlights that are making me wish it was 7:30:

"Yeah, there's an awful lot of man-on-man lovin' in "Brokeback Mountain" and yeah, that's almost certain to leave some group of mainstream filmgoers a little uncomfortable. Their loss, I guess."

"There's wrestling, naked cliff-diving, late night cuddling by the fire with harmonicas and all sorts of fun with lassoes. And then there's making out."

My personal favorite note from one review: "[Critic's Note: If you really want to mess with your enjoyment of both films, think of "Brokeback" and Peter Jackson's "King Kong" as companion pieces. Imagine Kong as the Heath Ledger character and think of Naomi Watts as Jake Gyllenhaal and imagine both movies as impossible love stories between passionate, lively and lonely social climbers and taciturn, emotionally unavailable beasts. It's fun.] "
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