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It's weird seeing headlines like this...

Uncertainty and despair follow Sharon's departure

I know. Y'all always get sad when I leave, don't you? :)

When I was growing up I never met any other kids with the name Sharon. Once I grew up I would meet other Sharons, but they were always old enough to be my mother.
At some point in my youth I learned that my parents only had the name Paul James picked out because my mom knew she was going to have a boy. Not from an ultrasound, mind you. They didn't do them back then. She just knew. She already had a girl after all. So I was born and mom says to dad, "Well, we can't use the name Paul James" At that point dad said "I've always liked the name Sharon Marie" and thus, I was named. In my 20's I figured it out.
The name Sharon was popular about a generation or so before I was born. Dad is 11 years older than mom, so his generation was one where that name was actually used.
I was also in my 20's when I learned that the origin of the name is a plain over in the middle east.
So when the Israelli leader, Ariel Sharon, started popping up in the news, I was weird to see my name in headlines, but mad sense because he's of the nationality where my name originated.
Headlines like the one above definitely catch my eye. They amuse me too.
K. Time for me to depart from this post. Let the uncertainty and despair follow!!!!!

*edit* The Baby Name Wizard doohicky that everyone was linking to about a year ago or so pretty much shows visually what I just babbled about above.
If you put Sharon into it, you find that the rankings on the popularity chart are at 83 in the 30s and quickly jumping up to the 8th most popular in the 40s. It declines from there to 14th in the 50s, 23rd in the 60s, and 63rd in the 70s. Dad was born in '34 and I was born in '70. Looking at the graph, over 2/3 of all the Sharons were born in his lifetime, many of them were within a few years of his age. So it wasn't a weird uncommon name that people can't get right to him. :)

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