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Mixed bag of a day

All day at work I felt out of it. I was cranky. Not snapping at people cranky. Just cranky, grumpy, mopey, not happy in my brain. I was just in a MOOD. People couldn't tell. When I made some comment about being Grumpy, G said that it seemed like I was in a cheerful mood. But my brain was feeling bleah!

But, after leaving work, I headed to Big Bowl for yummy food with lucky13charm & J. Mmmmm. Kung Pao Chicken with Noodles. And a cute waiter who totaled our bills individually without even being asked. He also, when walking up to our table, avoided by mere seconds walking into me saying the phrase "hot boy sex" Too bad. Would have been fun to see his reaction.

After dinner we headed to the theater. We parked waaaaaay out there. lucky13charm and J. had both brought Yulechristmakwanzakah gifts for me and hellbob. Which reminded me that I needed to remember to grab both their gifts when I leave the house this morning... oh, fuck. Yeah. Think that happened?

So their gifts are still sitting here wrapped up on the living room floor. The one for lucky13charm stopped moving a couple days ago. I wonder if hellbob remembered to put airholes & food in it. Oh well, nothing says Happy Holidays like a dead kitten!

It was a bunny Christmas this year! I had gotten the Stainless Steel expansion from the KalHouse, and tonight I got the Green expansion from L13C! Also, two bars of chocolate. Really really yummy chocolate with chunks of sea salt in it! We had both had this stuff for the fist time at Omegacon and it was soooooo good.

From J we got the Pop Culture edition of Trivial Pursuit! yay!

Anyhow, we headed to the theater. I had gotten cash on my way to dinner (BTW hellbob. How many times have we gotten to the Southdale theater and then decided we needed cash? It seems silly to pay an ATM fee when the only branch of our bank in the Cities is Across. The. Street. ). There was an insane line to buy tickets from a real person so I ended up using the bank card anyway on the auto ticket machine. I'm a senior citiizen, doncha know? LOL! They don't offer a student option on the ticket machine & senior tickets are the same price as student. I have yet to ever get asked for ID when I hand them my senior ticket.

We settled in. We watched commercials. I have to say, I'm not annoyed by commercials at the theater, as long as they are before the movie's start time. if it's a 7:30 movie and your watch has just hit 7:30, then from here on out all you should be seeing is previews.

The movie was SO FUCKING GOOD!! Jake Gyllenhal makes a darn purty cowboy. Heath Ledger, not so much. I don't want to put any movie spoilers in here so just know: Good movie!

Now, I should probably consider heading to bed...
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