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Another long day at work, to be followed by school tonight.

yaaren, if you're near the graphics dept from about 5:30 or so on, pop in and say hi (unless Will's talking of course, that would be rude)

So, apparently y'all were amused by my wonderful funny internet friends. :)
Now the pressure is on. You have to bring more of teh funny so I can do another of those posts, because I'm too lazy to submit to metaquotes even if that is where I first found some of you.

I think when I do them I'll stick with the format I used: Locked post if there are any about things like sex (or kids new toys) and no name credits so anonymous_greg won't be embarrassed when I talk about his gigantic pink jelly toy. Hee hee. Just kidding. That was someone else...probably. Unless you want credit for teh funny, of course. Then I will edit it to add it.
Tags: humor, quotes, school, work

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