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I'm a tired HellZiggy.
I fell asleep in the living room while I was doing "just a little bit more" on my homework. So I ended up only getting 3 hours of sleep in the bed.
I have to remember to take the car for her oil change when I leave work today.
It's a short day! I leave at 3:30! How sad is it that I think it's a short day when I'm still working 8 hours? But in comparison, Wed & Thurs are 9 hour days, and we've been having required overtime which I've been getting most of in on Tuesdays so those have been at least 9 hours also.

Friday off!! Yay! Hellbob & I will be heading to the Dells early afternoon on Fri. Saturday night raven_arani and genpyris are going to come to the Dells to meet us. We've never met them in real life and they'll be staying at the condo, but r_a has promised that they aren't scary serial killers, they are pretty non-scary serial killers. And now that I said that she is bound to protect our lives at all costs because she would be the first suspect if we were killed. *grin*

We also need to see the Madison contingent that weekend. Since someone can't spend the night in the Dells because her boyfriend has a dog we are going to drive to her instead. Right now I think the best plan for that would be for us to go to Madison early Sunday afternoon and hang out until the people who have to work the next day get tired of us.

Of course, this is the HellHouse planning, so all plans are tentative. *grin*
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