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Yea! Work isn't trying to kill me anymore!! Came home from work without a headache!!
The background, short version: I was on vacation last Tuesday and apparently something went horribly awry with the elevator at work. Fused motor, heated up hydraulic fluid, nasty odor similar to the ucky roofing smell. Everyone is nauseous, but they don't evacuate or anything.
So anyway, I showed up Wednesday unaware of all this and the doors are propped open and it smells. Everyone else says "the smell isn't so bad, it was much worse yesterday" I had a headache about an hour in. By the end of the day I am nauseous and my eyes are burning. I also was having trouble focusing on work and had already taken twice my normal dose of Ritalin. Grrr. It took about 2 hours for my headache to go away after going home.
Thursday the smell was better, but the headache was just as bad. Headache didn't go away until I went to bed either. Friday morning I sat there for a good 5 minutes before getting up just debating whether I am going to go in or not but I felt ok and I only work half days on Fridays anyway. Headache almost immediately.
So I sent an email to the head of HR which read: I am just curious as to whether the air in the building has been checked since Tuesday's incident. I was on vacation Tuesday so I missed the worst of it, but when I came back on Wednesday the smell was still strong. I have had headaches all three days that start within an hour of entering the building and don't go away until I have been home for at least two hours. My eyes have also been very irritated. Because these are symptoms of mild carbon monoxide poisoning and they don't seem to be lessening after three days I am becoming very concerned about the air quality here in the building. When talking to my co-workers, everyone seems to be feeling "under the weather" so I am wondering what kind of safety precautions have been taken?
I got a reply from her saying only that she was going to forward my concern to the Facility Manager and that she may be able to answer my questions. Since not only is this woman the head of HR, but she is on our company's Safety Committee, this tells me right away that the air has not been tested, because if it had she would know.
So I had sent this email at 9:30 on Friday. I didn't get a response from the Facility Manager until after 1 pm on Monday. And the only thing her response said was "Have you noticed the quality of air in our building today?" Yes, it was much better today. No headache or irritated eyes all day. But how does this answer any of my questions? Oh, you're concerned about your health? Well that was last week, it doesn't matter now. I sooooo regret not calling OSHA on Wednesday, but at that point I thought that the air had been checked.
I sent the email to the HR person mainly to cover my butt, should I need to go home early, so that they couldn't say "but you were fine yesterday" but the evasion and run around I got made me more angry than the loss of brain cells. Look, if you haven't checked the air, just have the balls to admit it and let us go before any further damage is done. If you have and it is fine, tell us. If you have and it's not fine, what the hell are we still doing here? But don't just ignore me!
I think tomorrow I should have a funeral for the brain cells that died last week, may they rest in peace.

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