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I have returned from the Land Of Cheese!

hellbob & I are back home. Wisconsin was fun. Our room was fabulous, as we expected it to be. The weather was beautiful... on Friday. The rest of the weekend, not so much.

Friday, after checking in, hellbob & I hunted down some dinner as I bemoaned the lack of free wi-fi in the Dells. Then we returned to our room and watched the DVD of The Aristocrats that I had so brilliantly packed.

Rick wasn't expecting to like it, but stoney321 had raved about how wonderful it was when she saw it in the theater, so I knew it would probably be very funny, yet so very, very wrong. I was right.

Saturday we ventured out to find lunch. We ate at a Mexican place called Pedro's. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't bad (although Rick's system was apparently not fond of the super hot green sauce...).

As we were headed back to the resort raven_arani called to let us know that her & genpyris were just about to the Dells. We gave them the directions to the resort and headed back that way ourselves. They were just coming out of the office as we pulled up so they followed us back to our room.

We sat around chatting and getting to know each other for a bit and later headed out for dinner. We went to a place that was having an all-you-can-eat pizza & pasta bar. It was quite tasty. Then, after a stop at Super Wal-Mart for provisions (i.e. chips, crackers, beer) we settled in to the room for the night and we proceeded to teach them to play Killer Bunnies! After a couple games of that we just watched TV and decided that it was late & time for bed.

There was a couple more hours chatting the next morning and then raven_arani & genpyris headed back to Milwaukee as hellbob and I headed to Madison. We were very happy that raven_arani & genpyris were not scary at all, and we rather liked them. Hopefully they thought the same and weren't too bored by us. *grin*

We called bloodlossgirl to give her our ETA and she gave us directions to Nick-of-no-LJ's house. We met Nick-of-no-LJ and his calm, sedate, lethargic dog, Blix (sp?). Because this was the Weekend Of Eating A Lot, we headed out to kill us some lunch. We ended up at a restaurant called The Weary Traveller and I had a very delicious stuffed pork chop w/applesauce.

Then for dessert we travelled to a different restaurant that has good pie. We called bleaknimue, and the Janeness showed up for pie with suibhne_geilt, who we had never met before. We ate pie. It was yummy.

Then we convinced bleaknimue that we had to go to her apartment to meet the Root Things. You should go look at them. They are cool!

There was much chatting at bleaknimue's house, and then we headed back to Nick-of-no-LJ's house and sat chatting with the loverly BLG some more.

About the time we decided that supper might be called for we bundled back up and headed out to a truckstop for cheap filling truckstop food. It was relatively late by the time we got back to the Dells, but it was worth it.

Then today we woke up, packed, and drove home. :)

And yay! I have internets again!
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