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End of the weekend ramblings

Well, all the Xmas cards Groundhog's Day cards are getting mailed tomorrow. *grin*
They are piled in a box, stamped, and ready to go. For the out of town folks who haven't gotten a copy of the Smut Mix and/or the Minnesota mix, I've got those packed up to send too. So if you get an envelope in the mail w/a Christmoose return address label from Minnesota that you don't recognize the names on, that would be from me & hellbob here at the HellHouse.

I just converted the songs on my new James Marsters DVD to mp3s so I can put the new ones on my iPod. Unfortunately they play quieter than the other songs I have and I don't know how to change that...

Today was a completely lazy waste of a day. I had no energy and then in the evening I got a headache. Bleah.

Before our trip I never even thought to check to see if Sunspot was playing anywhere close since they are a Madison band. Turns out that the Saturday we were in the Dells they were playing in Madison at a place called The King Club, and it was only $5. :(
If you're sitting there going "I've never heard of Sunspot", then you can listen to some of their mp3s here.

Damn, the weekend feels short when you work 8 hours on a Saturday! *sigh*

I want to play Killer Bunnies again. I think I shall have to just pick a night that works for me & Hellbob and send out a general "Come play Killer Bunnies" email...

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