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hey bloodlossgirl

When we were in Madison you mentioned a song with 'vampire' in the title and I wasn't sure if I had it and/or had heard it. What was it?

And if any of you are curious as to why/how a person would have 13 songs in her iTunes with the word
'vampire' in the title, it is because of Mountain Dew. Last year when they did the free songs under the cap promotion, between my addiction and my friends who were addicted but didn't use iTunes I managed to acquire somewhere in the neighborhood of 100-120 free songs. When I couldn't think of what to download next I would do random word searches in the iTunes Music Store. The words couldn't be too common though because there would be too many hits. I was watching Buffy one night while doing this...

The word search method is also how I ended up with 5 songs with Minneapolis in the title, four of which are just called 'Minneapolis'
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