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Short day at work yesterday! Yay!
But DAMN! Is it ever cold out there. You know that little dash on your keyboard right next to the zero? Also known as the minus sign? It's a bad thing when it is placed in front of the temperature!

Went out to dinner w/kalfoley, kaldeth, and hellbob last night. We went to Timberlodge and I had prime rib. mmmmmmm. I love my dead cow!

Then we played Killer Bunnies at their house. Longest. Game. Ever.

When I left work yesterday I stopped to get the new license plate tabs since the old ones expired in January. Oops. Yeah, so I not only missed the January expiration, but I flew right past the 10 day grace period. On the plus side, there really is no line at the DMV on the 17th of the month. I didn't actually put the tabs on the car though due to the aforementioned temperature of minus a bajillion.

hellbob and I had actually driven separately to the KalHouse because he went right from work and I went from home. Driving home at about 2:30 am I was following him.

There was a cop in the lane next to me but since we weren't speeding I didn't really think much of it. Then when hellbob & I pulled into the left turn lane to get onto the freeway he pulled into the lane too. K. Whatever.

Right when the light turns and we've started turning onto the entrance ramp my rear view is full of flashing red & white lights. Damn! Since we expire in Jan and there's so much salt on the car that you can't even really see the month I really didn't expect that he could tell I was expired... *sigh*

So while waiting for him to walk up I turned off the radio (I'm pretty sure a cop wouldn't appreciate Kid Rock's Fuck Off blaring out of the radio...) dig out my drivers license, and grab the new license plate tabs still stapled to the receipt that shows they were just purchased today. Hopefully he'll let me get by with a warning due to the fact that I did purchase them and that it was too damn cold to put them on.

He's got the spotlight on super bright and it's taking him forever to get to me. When he does he doesn't even ask for my license. He just really politely says, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience ma'am. Your car matched the description of one we were looking for but I can see now that it's not the right one. Sorry about that. You have a good night."

Wow. Ok. Oddly enough I hadn't had any of the stress you usually get when you are pulled over. I even used my brain enough to gain control of my mouth before saying "Oh. I though you were pulling me over for my expired tabs." Nope. Didn't say it. *grin*

Tonight, we're off to Jeanine's house for a porketta dinner! Yummy!
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