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101 random facts about me, part 3

The ongoing saga of random facts about everyone's favorite subject, me!
The other parts posted can be found here

21. I once had to play midwife to a cat.
The first day of ninth grade when I came home from school, our cat Lillie was in labor but she wouldn't lay down in her box. She would wander around not relaxing unless I sat out on the porch with her. Then she would lay in her box and attempt to give birth. Even after the first two kittens were born she wouldn't let me leave. If I tried she started pacing again. She had five kittens in all and we named them Spot, Rover, Lassie, Fido, and Milkshake.

22. Although I was only 5 years old when it happened I still vaguely remember the Bicentennial Independence Day. Neopolitan ice cream didn't have chocolate that year, it had blueberry so that the three colors would be red (ok, more like pink), white and blue. Also, I do remember going to a parade with mom & dad which we pretty much never did after moving to Minnesota.

23. I have never done any illegal drugs except for drinking alcohol before I turned 21.

24. I HATE mustard. It's the smell. I just don't see how it is possible for one to eat something that smells like that!

25. I have had sex outside on the roof of my apartment building.

26. A picture of me was once used in an adoption brochure for The Children's Home Society of Minnesota

27. I have been inside the tiger barn at the Minnesota Zoo once. I didn't get to touch them, but I did get to see the baby tigers get fed. But wow! You think a housecat's litter box smells?

28. A medicated Hellziggy is a happy Hellziggy. I've been on anti-depressants for over ten years now and if I don't have them I am a cranky psycho-bitch from hell! I was never suicidal when depressed, but for most of my life I was never really happy either.
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